Did you know that open office documents (ODF) are actualy compressed files??

OpenOffice.Image via Wikipedia

If you are in doubt... just open the file with Archive manager (GNU/Linux) winrar (Windows).

There you can see all the files, pictures, etc.

Open content.xml in a text editor for viewing contents.

Here is the screen shot.

I have seen so many students using Turbo C++ for thier programs. It is rather BAD ( I think so.). Here is the solution.

Dev C++

Dev C++ is an free IDE for C++, but it can also use to compile and run ANSI standard ( most of text book follow ANSI). It is a powerfull environment.


You can download Dev C++ here.

Enable ANSI C programs

  1. Install Dev C++.
  2. Open Dev C++.
  3. Tools -> Compiler options.
  4. Support all ANSI C Programs. select Yes.
  5. Click OK.