Did you know that open office documents (ODF) are actualy compressed files??

OpenOffice.Image via Wikipedia

If you are in doubt... just open the file with Archive manager (GNU/Linux) winrar (Windows).

There you can see all the files, pictures, etc.

Open content.xml in a text editor for viewing contents.

Here is the screen shot.

I have seen so many students using Turbo C++ for thier programs. It is rather BAD ( I think so.). Here is the solution.

Dev C++

Dev C++ is an free IDE for C++, but it can also use to compile and run ANSI standard ( most of text book follow ANSI). It is a powerfull environment.


You can download Dev C++ here.

Enable ANSI C programs

  1. Install Dev C++.
  2. Open Dev C++.
  3. Tools -> Compiler options.
  4. Support all ANSI C Programs. select Yes.
  5. Click OK.

You might have made presentations using presentation softwares like Microsoft Powerpoint, Openoffice.org Impress, etc. But you may have experienced problems when the software you have used is not available at the computer you have given to present. Didn't you think about a universal format so that it can be opened and viewed, regardless of OS and software. Yes! we have a solution. ie, PDF.

Latest PDF File IconImage via Wikipedia

About PDF: Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. For details, Check Wikipedia here.

We are creating a presentation and saving at PDF format. We are using following software.
  • OpenOffice.Org Impress.
  • A PDF viewer. ( For windows, I suggest Adobe acrobat reader ).
  • Create a presentation using OpenOffice.Org Impress or open your presentation in it. Presentations created using Microsoft Powerpoint can also be opened safely.
  • Choose File->Export as PDF.
  • On the Dialogue box obtained choose User Interface tab.
  • Check Open in full screen mode.
  • Save your file by giving file name.
That's all. Now enjoy the portability of your work.
Doubted? Liked it? or Doesn't? Express as comments.

Welcome all..

Recently Kerala University had introduced a online enrollment to first year B.tech students.

I am happy with that, since it is easier.

then I have started registering, no problem.

Then I have arrived at college, then started helping others to register.

The problems appeared there.

Some of my friends is getting error.

Some of their photo and signature got interchanged.

On some of them, the photo and signature was not there at all.

Problem does not end here.

When teacher had logged in to verify our details,

The site does not simply work on firefox!!

At IE6, no problem.

Also, My friend has forgotten the password. No option to reset password.

I have to go to university, spend half day there, missing my lunch and finally deleted and had to re register.

Oh!! I can't think of that nightmare.

Also there are other students who are waiting to correct there photos etc...


Then I closely examined.

The scripting language used is ASP, Microsoft's own language.

Also they are using windows server.

From there I know that the problem occurs due to heavy load.

i wished, they use LAMP or at least WAMP server..

finally... Please Comment on this incident..

Warning: this is not a technical article

What is the problem of windows?

You may feel nothing. But it is very problematic. Let me explain.

We, Aneesh and mahesh have started off to print Ubuntu pocket guide. He had said that the guide contains about 170 pages and almost 100 rupees will be needed for printing. He had copied to pen drive under print folder. This is important. Then we have begin journey of a 6 km, using our cycle. I had given him a lift.

Since it was attukal pongala, road was blocked somewhere. Anyhow we have managed to go without a problem. Also, we were discussing about free software as usual. I had stopped at pnb ATM and taken Rs. 100. We reached the location with almost half an hour.

We plugged the pen drive to take print. For our surprise, the print folder transformed into an EXE file!!! We have tried our level best. But what to do? We have at last decided to go back and take it again.

We gone sadly and reached. When we reached manacaud, the block started. this was huge than previous.We were cursing windows all the time. At last we reached home.

Now he had put the file as it is on pen drive. also he had taken backup on his music player also. Then we started. The block of manacaud is now enormous and we had chosen an another path. After long cycling, we reached the location and plugged in the pen drive. It had got no problem and taken print out.

We then came back and started reading book.

Lets analyze the window's role and which part it had failed.

  1. It has failed to prevent virus or unauthorized access. so print folder transforms into exe. This will not happen in GNU/ Linux, because for running applications, we have to get permission of root.
  2. We had to travel an extra of 12 kilometers by cycle in crowd. So we have lost almost 2 hours, that can be used for productive purposes.
  3. For an ordinary user, he may think that pen drive is problem and discards it.
And many more

We have thought that if Linux is used at DTP center, we could save much time and energy.

So use Linux, save customers, their time and money.

So finally,
"Free as in free speech, not beer"