You might have made presentations using presentation softwares like Microsoft Powerpoint, Impress, etc. But you may have experienced problems when the software you have used is not available at the computer you have given to present. Didn't you think about a universal format so that it can be opened and viewed, regardless of OS and software. Yes! we have a solution. ie, PDF.

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About PDF: Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. For details, Check Wikipedia here.

We are creating a presentation and saving at PDF format. We are using following software.
  • OpenOffice.Org Impress.
  • A PDF viewer. ( For windows, I suggest Adobe acrobat reader ).
  • Create a presentation using OpenOffice.Org Impress or open your presentation in it. Presentations created using Microsoft Powerpoint can also be opened safely.
  • Choose File->Export as PDF.
  • On the Dialogue box obtained choose User Interface tab.
  • Check Open in full screen mode.
  • Save your file by giving file name.
That's all. Now enjoy the portability of your work.
Doubted? Liked it? or Doesn't? Express as comments.

Welcome all..

Recently Kerala University had introduced a online enrollment to first year students.

I am happy with that, since it is easier.

then I have started registering, no problem.

Then I have arrived at college, then started helping others to register.

The problems appeared there.

Some of my friends is getting error.

Some of their photo and signature got interchanged.

On some of them, the photo and signature was not there at all.

Problem does not end here.

When teacher had logged in to verify our details,

The site does not simply work on firefox!!

At IE6, no problem.

Also, My friend has forgotten the password. No option to reset password.

I have to go to university, spend half day there, missing my lunch and finally deleted and had to re register.

Oh!! I can't think of that nightmare.

Also there are other students who are waiting to correct there photos etc...


Then I closely examined.

The scripting language used is ASP, Microsoft's own language.

Also they are using windows server.

From there I know that the problem occurs due to heavy load.

i wished, they use LAMP or at least WAMP server..

finally... Please Comment on this incident..